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My family member is post bleed by about 7 months now. She has had her surgery to remove her CVM and is currently in PT, OT, and ST three times per week. She now has conversational speech and is able to talk to us again. We have a lot of trouble with her having appropriate emotional responses. For example she cries a lot or is laughing hysterically. She also is super giddy with guys and some of her filters and boundaries on what to say, how to act are altered. Has anyone experienced this and does it get better?



It will it just takes time for the brain to find a new path. I used to have speech problems with finding the right words to say and did find some things to funny or to sad. The brain just has to start noticing what has changed about your personality. To this day I’m back to the old me but my AVM was way back in 2000. Just be patient and she will turn back to her self.

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My daughter is 12 yrs old and is 8 months post-bleed. Prior to her bleed, she was a typically moody preteen. Immediately after she became very happy, silly and loving. She regressed back to her usual self at about the 4-5 month mark but has now swung back to happy and silly again. Incidentally, my husband whose cav bled 2.5 yrs ago, developed a raging sweet tooth post-bleed and it never went away. Definitely does odd things to the gray matter!!



How was your daughter and husband affected physically from the bleed? And how is their recovery?