Cardiologist Appointment

Abby had her appointment with the Cardiologist yesterday and is on a heart monitor for a month. Her pulse is very weak on her left side (the side with all of her AVMS). Has anyone else experienced heart problems with AVMs?

Mom, I remember having to wear a holter monitor for short time was I was first diagnosed to monitor all my heart waves. I think the preliminary concern is the effect our avms can have on the heart b/c it is required to work extra to pump blood through the malformations. My results were inconclusive. That was about 28 years ago!:) GK

Abbys Mom, a number of folks in the Extremity AVMs group as well as the Spinal AVM group have had heart troubles from high cardiac output associated with avms.

Thank you! She has already showed some bad things in the few days she has had it. She has an echocardiogram scheduled Wednesday. Hoping and praying for good news. She had 6 very very high flow AVMS in her ear and they were there for awhile before we got a diagnosis. I think her heart worked overtime for sure.

Thank you! All of this is so overwhleming and scary.

I had heart problems but they had nothing to do with AVMs. My cardiac issues related to the sinus and AV nodes in the heart. The holter monitors and EP studies verified the issues - the echo didn't show anything useful for me. I ended up getting an excellent doctor in San Diego that fixed everything! I hope your daughter can easily get through these tough times!