Capillary blush

Has anybody heard the phrase “capillary blush”? After two gamma knife treatments and an embolisation my recent angiogram showed a blush. However two appointments with my consultant have now been cancelled and my next one is not until 9th June. I’m in complete limbo and even more clueless than I was before the latest angiogram. Please can anybody help???

Hi Kellie, Sorry to hear that you are feeling confused, Its always hard dealing with serious health issues but not having the information that you wish, I myself do not know what Capillary Blush is but thought I'd share a search from this site on that with you

There are a few hits on it but not much so I hope you find either what your looking for or at least enough to point you in the right direction. Take care and good luck.

Thanks Martin for your reply. Will get a read of the article. It’s hard to be told before Christmas that everything is looking good then to be told about an “abnormality”.

Hi Kellie, I agree. I went for an MRI and had a seizure many many years ago and was given the all clear apparently my AVM would not have been detected via any other scans but the Angiogram. But it took them 10 hours of open surgery to remove it !, So couldn't have been that small :) . Either way I hope everything goes well, Keep us updated on your progress. Thanks again.

I looked for more info regarding capillary blush, Kellie, but nothing turned up. If you feel compelled to find out more about your condition, don’t hesitate to call with questions in the interim. It’s your health, so don’t be shy. All the best!! :slight_smile: