Canadian Hospitals That Specialize in Brain AVM

Hey guys, Im just wondering if theres anywhere else in Canada that specializes in brainAVMs other than Toronto Western. I am really unhappy with my treatment and care here. It can be ANYWHERE in Canada.

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I did my AVM resecting surgery at Toronto St. Michael's hospital. Dr. Julian Spears was my neurosurgeon and I am now AVM free.

I was also treated at Toronto Western, but Dr. Schwartz from Sunnybrook was part of my team, and he gave me a great second opinion when my first doctor did not think I needed surgery.

I had Dr Schwartz as well, in 1991. Also a Toronto Western/Sunnybrook experience. I was the 13th recipient in Canada of this life saving surgery.

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My surgeon was Dr Charles Haw at Vancouver General Hospital in Vancouver British Columbia. He’s been referred to as the AVM guru…couldn’t ask for a better surgeon. He saved my life.

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Jenny S when did you have your surgery? We have been told our sons AVM is inoperable but a second or third opinion is really needed. It couldn’t hurt to have his charts looked at in Vancouver. We live in Manitoba.

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I had a catheter embolization in January 2016 and was last in touch with Dr Haw in February this year. I live on northern Vancouver Island but travelled to Vancouver to see Dr Haw after no one on the Island could/would help me. He is incredibly talented and humble. VGH is paired with University of B.C Hospital as a research facility. Everywhere the surgeon goes, a trail of residents in training from all over the world follow along learning their trade. This could work in your favour. Good luck.

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HI there,

I had my bleed/craniotomy in 2011 in Kelowna General Hospital. My neuro surgeon was Dr. Kim Lefevre. He was amazing and had a whole team of Dr’s/surgeons on board. My neurologist was Dr. Dermot Adams who was also incredible!


Dr. Schwartz was also part of my team when I had the Gamma Knife the second time, and I was really glad to have him helping with the surgery!!

I was in Winnipeg Health Science Centre after my bleed, I live outside the city. I was under the care of Dr. Silvaggio initially and then Dr. Kaufman when the decision was gamma knife. They were fantastic, complete respect for both of them and all the staff I dealt with, compassionate, professional, open and honest. I couldn’t have been happier. The neuro surgery area is state of the art, one of I believe 7 like it in the world. They may have been first in Canada to have the gamma knife and have superb surgeons with tons of experience. Although, I do wish I never had to meet them!

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I had my rupture in 2010 and was admitted to Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster, BC. Dr. Andrew Lee and Dr. Navraj Heran were absolutely incredible! I wouldn’t be here without them

Hello fellow Canadians. I had treatment in Calgary , Alberta. Everyone involved was really amazing. Feel very fortunate to have had their help.

Jenny S: My surgeon was also Dr. Charles Haw at Vancouver General Hospital. I just had two surgeries in January and February of this year for fistulas. I have 6 fistulas and he has embolized 3 of them. The first surgery he used coils and the second on the onyx glue. However, I developed a very bad radiation burn from the second surgery which I am still recovering from. Dr. Haw has been very caring and he is such a calm person. I guess that is what is needed when you are a brain surgeon! I would recommend him to anyone looking for someone in western Canada. I live on Vancouver Island as well!

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Hi Carol…a fellow Haw fan. I’m thrilled. I still remember waking after surgery and Dr Haw was at my bedside. He asked if I knew where I was and I could hear the rain pouring down so said “Bamfield” (I’ve never been there) and he replied “no, we’re close to the water but we’re at VGH”. So calm and caring…I consider myself so fortunate to have found him. I’m sorry to hear about your ongoing problems…I don’t think I fully realize how well I’ve come out of it. I couldn’t imagine going through that again. One near death experience is enough to last me a lifetime! I wish you luck with it all.

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Thanks Jenny! All the best to you as well. I was referred to Dr Haw by another neurointerventional radiologist/neurosurgeon in Victoria, Dr. Ian Fleetwood, who was also very nice.

We are gong to Calgary in June for a second opinion in treating my sons AVM.

I had treatment in Calgary. If you have any questions - let me know. Everything was excellent, if that helps.

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