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Can you live with 1/2 of your brain


I would like to know if it is possible to live with only half og your brain? and i mean have a normal life? walk, talk, eat, get married, raise children. i know that she could live, but what kind of life could she have. she had such a bright future. i am trying to stay strong and positive.


Hi Kelly, found this when I googled, even if Cameron had a brain disorder called Rassmussen´s Encephalitis, it is still is an example of the remarkable recovering young children can have and how the functioning of the brain can adapt. I wish and hope that your daughter continue to improve and that she will have the best possible outcome and recovery!

“Medical evidence shows that a young child’s brain has the remarkable ability to reorganise itself, transferring skills normally undertaken by one half of the brain to the other. A process called plasticity. No-one knows exactly how this happens. The hope is that as the Rasmussen’s has attacked the right hemisphere, it’s functions will now shift to the left. All the doctors can do now is wait to see if the remaining left hemisphere will learn to move the left-hand side of her body and adapt fully enough to allow her to lead a full and active life.
Only 9 or 10 days later, Cameron is showing excellent signs of recovery. She is walking on a treadmill, where Dr Amy Bastion is trying to train her to walk without a limp “What we’re interested in doing here is being able to train these kids from right after the surgery. These kids, initially of course, can’t move their leg, but rapidly they begin to be able to stand and bear weight and walk, but their walking pattern is asymmetric, so we’re trying to train out the limp, from the start, so she never establishes the abnormal pattern”.
Cameron has shown extraordinary courage and its beginning to pay off. Each day brings new evidence that her brain is recovering.”



when it comes to the brain anything is possible…i had a 12.5 cm avm removed that covered the whole right side of my brain …my right frontal, temporal, occipital and paterial lobes were damaged…after surgery i was left with left side paralysis…i couldnt walk or even sit up…i also had speech problems and was only left with a whisper of a voice…i was told i would never walk again and this was going to be as good as it gets…the truth is the doctors dont really know either…the brain is meraculous…and with a possitive mindset and an attitude where you just believe anythings possible…now 22 months down the track i am walking a 1 km a day and my speech is back to 100%…just stay positive and never give up hope…sending lots of positive energies your way…both you and your daughter are in my prayers


you can live without the right part of the brain.but i don’t know how


I know someone who has had half her brain removed. She runs, she plays, she laughs. She has some challenges, but she’s a terrific little girl.