Can you be mentally fatigued? and that lead to physically being tired?

I have noticed that sometimes I feel energetic and others I don't. All I want to do is sleep. I will be exceptionally sleepy in the office or on the bus. I will appear drained. People say I don't "look" like myself. I will feel terrible. If I could I would lay in the bed and sleep forever. Can being mentally washed out make you feel physically drained? Before my AVM was discovered, I was constantly tired and would crash when I got home. I feel like now if I have to think to hard,I get frustrated and then I start not being able to get my words out. Ask people the same question at least 2 times because I forget what they told me the first time. e.g What would you like to drink?, what size shirt would you like?(I work with a blood donation center). I feel embarassed because I look kinda "weird" or something. Like I totally don't know what I am doing. Especially if they had to deal me in registration and now I am fixing to stick them? I know how I would feel if I was them. Any comments?

I had an AVM in my spine from T3 to C3 and as it worsened over a 5 month period I began to fall asleep at work for anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. It seemed to sap my strength. So I would say yes.

Absolutely is what I would say!! Our poor brains have to do so much - not only do they have to multitask thinking, congnition, processing, languages, reading, writing, all the sensory input around you, keeping all of your organs functioning, and then still have to control your muscles on top? It’s a LOT to handle, especially when our brains are a bit delicate and trying to heal. People always forget that AVMs affect in so many ways that aren’t seen under the surface - healing is a very energy intense process and it’s natural you’re going to feel fatigued both physically and mentally. I know I do!

Absolutely! If you've had a bleed even more so. Brains have to work harder to compensate for any damage it might endure. It's one of the commonalities with any brain injury. Listen to your brain and your body. When you're tired, rest.

Oh, yeah! That is one of my biggest struggles. However the converse is true for me, too. Sometimes when I am physically tired I cannot think straight.

absolutely agree with what everyone has said here, fatigue is a complicated thing for people to understand.

one minute you can be fine and the next your brain just says "NO!! I have had enough now so im going to need to switch off for a while"

I find that I get tired very quickly when trying to take in new information or do to many things at once which can easily overload the brain and that's when things can get confusing very fast and the brain just feels like someone has just pulled the plug.

I find that having lots of breaks when doing something a bit demanding can help not get things to overload to quick and get to the point where you just need to switch off.

Also trying not to do to many things at once as that really dont help with fatigue. I kind of look at my brain like a computer , its like when your asking a computer to do more than it was meant to do it will start slowing down and crashing, kind of how our brains do I suppose.

so I look at it like "ok need to close some programs now so I can keep the computer/brain working at its best" and not go having a random reboot while im still trying to work on something. :-)

darrenfrowley, I like how you put this! Especially "fine one minute and the next your brain just says "NO!!" I'm a little OCD so it's hard for me to stop in the middle of something, BUT for the safety of those around me (not to mention my own) sometimes I do have to just STOP.