Can’t get my head underwater

Hi, I always forget to ask. Does anyone struggle with getting their head under water since there bleed within the brain? When I swim I cannot place my head under water, it’s like a helium balloon. Has anyone else suffered with this?

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I was always cautious about putting my head underwater. I don’t usually have pain, but sometimes the pressure builds if I’m under too long.
As of lately, I’ve gotten headaches from having to wear a mask for too long, so I don’t know if that is from lack of oxygen? My head is SUPER SENSITIVE to the touch… I have had pain in the back of my head this week just because I’ve been really fatigued. I also have pain even from having clips in my hair all day.

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Thank you for sharing :blush:

I suspect that your headaches are from the pressure of the mask itself. As you said, even wearing hair clips can cause head pain for you. I might try and play around with different types of mask attachments. I’m thinking ear loop vs. ties. I’m guessing that adjustable will be most comfortable for you, and fabric ties may be the best, but adjustable ear loops could be the very close.

Sharon from ModSupport

Wow, I’m just seeing that I commented on August 21st about having “pain in the back of my head this week just because I’ve been really fatigued.” And then I had a bleed on the 26th… in hindsight, perhaps the pain was a warning sign?? I’m so glad I documented my pain here!

I can only speak for myself and it’s not swimming, it’s jacuzzi or bath, I have no problem BUT it’s just a minute or two under the water.


It was probably a sign. It’s definitely one of the possible signs but it is always so difficult to know, unless the pain is clearly b.a.d. isn’t it?