Can someone help answer my questions?

Yesterday I had my two month post-op check-up with my neurosurgeon and there were two questions my doctor didn't have the answers to. After surgery, my pupils became uneven and they haven't changed since. Is this normal after surgery? The other question I asked my doctor was about my scar. My doctor said where my scar was there should be new re-growth of hair and my scar should not be a little reddish in color. About normally how long does it take for hair re-growth in the scar area?


Hey Bre,
If your neurosurgeon doesn't know what's caused the change in your pupils, maybe a neuro opthamologist would???
Depending on how much hair was shaved & the length of your hair, you might be able to comb hair over the scar until it grows out.
You can get fashionable ;) w/ colorful bandanas, scarves or some pts. prefer wigs while awaiting hair growth.
With my 1st surgery in 88 when they shaved my entire head, I wore a wig for awhile, but with my 2nd, 3rd & 4th surgeries, very little hair was shaved & I wore my small, spiky patches of re-grown hair w/ pride until it grew out enough to not 'spike'! ;)

I can't answer the pupil question but like Patti said, try the neuro opthalmologist. I was also shaved completely bald (thankfully I was in a coma until I had at least a little fuzz of growth). My hair grows very fast normally so it was just a matter of a few months until I had a good bit of hair that actually needed to be cut. I do have a very small bald spot around one area of my scar. The scar covers a large part of my head though, so a little bald spot is not too bad. I manage to cover it with other hair and it's only really noticeable when my head is wet.

I can't remember exactly how long it took for the hair to grow back, and I'm not even sure if it's growing on the scar or just around it, but my hair looks the same on both sides. Didn't take as long as I thought. My hairdresser suggested taking lots of biotin (vitamin) and it really seemed to help. Funny thing is my hair is wavy now and never was before.