Can I have a seizure with Normal EEG?

Hello my friends, I had an epilepsy attack before my AVM detected. After craniotomy done, my Dr prescribed me antiepileptic medication for past 3 years. Today, I had just attended my follow up and my EEG showed no epileptic activity seen. Finally I can stop the medication but Dr advised that the seizure may come back anytime.
So is anyone here have similar medical history with me? As me and my husband have a family planning, taking epilepsy medication is not advised to pregnant, we are worried that my epilepsy attacks will come back and will need to start medications again :upside_down_face:

So my daughter has epilepsy, with no brain abnormalities. Generally speaking, doctors want a person to be at least two years seizure free with a normal EEG before even considering weaning off of meds. Why? It can take that long for your brain patterns to settle down.

That said, there are some medications that are absolutely contraindicated for pregnancy, and others that can be continued under strict supervision. This would definitely be a conversation to have with your doctor. I’m guessing that you had a one hour EEG? Maybe ask for a longer one before or after weaning off the meds. It will offer you a certain degree of reassurance.

I should add in. . … . My daughter is now 3 years seizure free, but we didn’t wean her off her meds yet. She is in her freshman year at college, and being risky with lack of sleep and use of alcohol, therefore we decided that she needed to remain on the meds for at least the first year of college, possibly longer.

To more directly answer your question, yes, you can have a seizure with a normal EEG. To start with, some seizures are too deep in the brain for the surface EEG to capture. Also, some people have their most abnormal activity only at night, so a one hour office EEG is highly unlikely to capture any activity.

Sharon from ModSupport

Everytime that I have had a regular eeg nothing showed. I had a video eeg done same thing. Went back for another video eeg and finally they caught one. It was of course coming from the avm area. I had had the maximum amount of treatment for my avm, it was in a spot where if I had a craniotomy, there was a high chance of residual physical and oor speech issues. I had already had 3 embolizations and 3 radiation treatments. Still there, oh well. Luckily I had a vagal nerve stimulator implanted and I have yet to have another seizure in over a year! Yea me!!!

Yes it is possible to have normal EEG & still suffer from seizures… I was told to have a mobile EEG where they connect me for 3-4 days & monitor my brain activity 24hrs… as uncomfortable as it was I think this gave me more peace of mind also.

I was also told from epilepsy specialists that generally EEG will pick up seizure activity when it’s occurring or if you really have a severe case… it can be difficult to find that’s why they do the flashing lights etc to try & trigger seizure activity.

Hope all works out for you & your soon to be family… rest, stay stress free & be positive will also help you… God bless!