Can anyone decipher what this means

Another year has passed and I have just got some information from my doctor, only for insurance purposes and it says the following - " CT head without contrast. In the brain thare is an accessory communication between the anterior cerebral arteries, which is joined by the posterior communicating artery. There is an anomalous vessel which probably communicates between right choroid plexus and right cavernous sinus

A 5 mm is seen in the apical segment of the right upper lobe, it appears high attenuation , and may represent a AVM"

Can anyone help with telling me what this all means as I am still awaiting an appointment with the consultant in Birmingham UK, which has taken a year so far and am still waiting! What would you advise. Also dose anyone have trouble with getting caught short for a wee, bit of a nightmare at the moment as hayfever is bad and sneezing makes me wee everywhere.

Thanks for reading


Hi Lesley, It sounds like they are just describing the flow pattern of your small 5mm AVM, kind of like street directions from and to the different street (arteries) in you brain. These reports can be a little hard to understand for those of us that are not doctors. What I do is Google each word that you don’t understand and translate in into plain English, for example “anomalous” means (standard, normal, or expected)