Camellia has been released from hospital

I am taking a big breath of fresh air for Margie and her entire family. Although I have never met her and camellia we are avm mothers whom have a very strong connection. Dr. Yakes and Dr. Reed both saw camellia and felt she was strong enough to be released. Her hr is still a little high. They will have a pediatrician on call in case she needs to go back. For now she is on her way to the hotel to recover. Thank you to all who prayed with me today for this little girls safe recovery. I know I prayers and lights we lit have been heard.

That is such great news!


Good news may she have a speedy recovery

Thank you for keeping us up to date! Let’s all pray for a continued recovery!

Excellent to hear. Positive thoughts and prayers for smooth sailing to best recovery and healing…

Thats great news I pray Camellia stays strong and well.

I am so happy to hear that Camellia went home!