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Buttocks avm surgery

Hi have any of you gone through any more treatments ? I have now had my third child and they are recommending me go through the surgery of removal… I am terrified about the post op and since I live in a different city I find it very diffucult to even plan this surgery out . Anyways please let me know any of your updates thanks

I had a brain AVM so not much help for you. Sounds like there is some planning required and three children always make that so easy! As long as you have had the risks etc all explained and can make an informed decision, and be at peace with the decision. Take Care, John.

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I think some of the @Extremity or @PelvicAndUterine members may be able to empathise. I have to say that for AVMs in the extremities (and I think yours counts) it is pretty common to have several embolisation and difficult choices each time as to the value vs the pain.

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I have had 3 embolization procedures for my pelvic AVM as removal was not an option due to the size, 15 cm, location and the complexity of it. Fortunately my symptoms have been minimal throughout so I can’t equally compare our situations. I agree with the previous comment that as long as you have been fully educated as to the pros and cons about the removal procedure for your particular AVM then you are able to reach the proper decision as to what is to be done. Best of everything for you and sometimes a second opinion can be helpful if you haven’t already done this.

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I have a avm throughout my left elbow and forearm. I just went though the exercise of getting updated opinions on all of it and have elected to go with wearing compression and physical therepy for the time being. Everybody’s different, but it seems like you have to weigh the pain level you have vs risk. I second the idea of getting a second opinion of you are balking at the treatment. My doctors at Cedars and I arrived at a much more conservative treatment plan after I took a side trip to the Vascular Anomalies clinic at USC.

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