Burning sensation

Hi everyone!

Just a quick question. For the past week or two at different times during the day I get this intense burning sensation in my left wrist on the inside. May AVM is left temporal lobe. It really feels like someone is taking a cigeratte or a lighter putting it to my skin pulling it away then bringing it back. Last for close to a mintue I'd say. Some times it happens a few times a day and some days only once. But when it happens it stops me dead in my tracks no matter what I'm doing. It hurts that bad, then a quickly and weird as it comes it goes away. Any idea what it could be or what from????? Also I was going a on long time of no headache or one that would last a short time. Now I have had a constant headache for over a week. Its not a horrible knock me on my butt headache, just enough to let me know its there and making trouble lol. Its not affecting my daily life but I hate that its there and back to everyday. I just had a 2nd gamma in November 2010. Could the burning sensation be a side effect? Thanks for any advice or possible casues!!!