Burning in head

Anyone else have to deal with burning in their head. Every day i get this severe burning in my head. it comes n goes. But it always seems to be there. They r not even sure if its related to the AVM but boy does it drive me insane. Nothing like having your head feeling like its on fire and its painful and nothing seems to take the pain away. its bad enough when it feels like something is creeping through your head or your feel pinchs. But this burning is getting out of controll. I just wish it would STOP already. Any one else go through this???

Hi Tonna. I sure do…every day. Some days are worst than others. I take ibuprofin, I use ice-packs and I lay down a lot. The longer I’m up and moving around, the worst I get. Doctors just tell me my head is inflamed (I already knew that much).

I have never tried using ice packs ill have to try that! But, ya the longer i'm up the worse it does seem to get. I have to lay down alot espically after being on my feet after work. The life of a nurse gotta love it!!! Which i do. Thanks for the advice I'll have to try even thgh i'm cold all the time! LOL


HI tonna!

First I had the craniotomy done then 6 mos later. This burning sensation sometimes pads around my head and other times on one side of my head. I spoke to my neurologist, about that burning sensation on my head. I told him that I was taking 5 o 6 tylenol a day to control that sensation ,he changed my meds. It has been 8 mos ago since he changed my meds.I still have the sensation but less like nothing. but thatt was the only way to control that pressure or burning ssensation.

I haven’t had any procedures yet, but ill keep in mind this culd happen after the surgery if I choose that route to let the surgeon / nuro doc know thanks Anabel !