Brother is having surgery May 14th - two AVMs

My brother turned 24 two weeks ago - he has two cerebral AVMs and had a cerebral angiogram last week and was waiting on an MRI (ordered by his neurosurgeon); we were told the MRI would be in November. Then got a call on May 9th from the neurosurgeon, saying he was rushing the MRI and wanted to operate May 14th, so surgery is tomorrow! We're all praying for a complete removal of both AVMs and a full recovery.

Dear DsSis

My husband and I will pray for your brother, when you are able, please update us on how things went today.
Thinking of you,

Please ekt us know how it goes. We'll be pulling for him,

Prayers on the way!!!

thanks so much, everyone...we have prayers and positive energy coming from so many places today! he's 4.5 hours into surgery, another 4-5 expected. They're going to do an angiogram on the operating table, so that will extend it. I will keep you posted. Bless you all...

i just said a prayer for him. try not to worry.

Hope all is going well for him!

Will be holding good, positive thoughts for you & your brother.
Best wishes to him for a successful surgery & smooth recovery!

Thanks, all, for your support! I saw David an hour ago…so far he can’t move his right hand or fingers much, and his speech is a bit hard to understand, but other than that they said he’s ok. He’s not able to stand up until tomorrow, then going forward he will receive physical and speech therapy. I’m so glad the surgery is over!! Bless you all for your prayers!