Pushed far beyond limits,
it feels... a bursted balloon,
shrunk and deflated

...crying out loud, alone,
so quiet. scattered everywhere,
like a puzzle

...too difficult
to handle, a log
drifting on the river,

in motion

before the dry,

...potential fire,
so wild longer under control.
The sparkle of life...

...fighting only
to live a broken

...where nothing
matters no more.

so icy and cold, a nightmare
a storm.

on the ground,

I stumble
I fall,

...reminding me,
I am broken


Hanne you pull from yourself so much more than seems possible while living life in a forward fluid motion with a strength and determination that is only rivaled by your perseverance . Amazingly you take the time to express where you are in your journey with words that are alive with a truth that may be shared by more than a few ....

Be good to you . Take careof you .

Hanne, you are always in my prayers, Louisa

Hi Hanne,

In reading your story and in posts, I find many words to describe you such as smart, kind, strong resilient. I don't think broken at all. I was very frustrated and angry back in 2006, and that anger propelled me to seek out new therapies to improve my walking (and to stop tripping). I hope your frustration leads you to better days as well. Never give up hope is required, just like breathing.

Your post, by the way, was beautiful in a sad way. I would add a last line though.... I never give up, because though I cannot see it, bright days are in my future. When I see them, I will be surprised and glad.

Hanne- what a great poem. I'm sure so many of us have felt broken at one point or another. Or more than once!!! :)

And I hope that everyone knows that we all go through it, that we all have flaws and imperfections that make us loveable. The AVM and related things...just another part of us that has beauty in very odd and often hard to find ways. But giving a voice and strength to the part of us that "feels" broken is totally necessary and can be such a therapuetic thing. I hope that is what this poem has done for you. And maybe it will do it for others as well.

Thanks so much for sharing, for being part of this family, for encouraging others and yourself. It's all very good. And if the beauty and benefit you share with people here is the outcome of feeling broken, we should all be so lucky!


Hanne, What an expressive poem. It saddened me. I hope you are able to continue with your strength.

Beautiful poem. I often write when I feel frustrated. It usually helps, and I feel I've also created something from the pain I'm feeling. Hope your poem has done the same for you.

Take care,


Thank you all for the feedback on my "Broken" poem... :)
I find it really therapeutic the whole process, juggling with words to express how I feel, ...and I agree with you Shalon that giving a voice to the part of us that feel "broken" can help us through difficult times, knowing that we are not alone.
Love and Peace & Happy New Year to you all!
Hanne xxx

I love your writing so much. It is nice that you can express yourself. You might feel broken, but you are a wonderful human being that others care about:)

Thank you James :)
The last two months has been a challenge in many ways... ...more than once the obstacles I have faced during this time has been a reminder how vulnerable I am.
How to cope during difficult times is not always so obvious when you are living in the middle of it. I like to think that I will grow from previous experiences but sometimes the energy needed to get through the lesson is more than I can produce. Then instead of growth, I feel "broken", but never lose hope that each stage in life has it´s own meaning and even if it sometimes can look that way....
...I refuse to give up...

Oh Hanne. I know you have endured such physical and mental hardships. I have been praying that 2011 is a better year for you. There is nothing wrong with being BROKEN...just makes you a more interesting person. I know people who have supposedly everything. Good health...great job...nice home and guess what...they are miserable. How sad and pathetic is that? You are a very talented and beautiful human being with many friends on this site and that makes you special in my book!!!!

Thank you Ben for caring!
This is the best I can send you to describe how I feel right now...

I just finished reading the book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand and I thought of you!! It is the story of Louis Zamperini. An amazing man.

Don't ever give up!!!

Yes, i can definately relate to those words