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Just saw you are in Australia and was wondering if you have a group for avm
I put a post up looking for Aussies but haven’t heard anything as yet
We live in sa
Kind regards jenny


Hi Jenny,
Sorry for the late reply. I don’t really get on here much anymore. The site has changed drastically since I logged on and it seems the Australian and New Zealand group we had has been deleted by the new upgrades. We use to have a group here and meet up but we haven’t done in a couple of years. Where abouts are you located?



Hi jazz
We are in Adelaide
My daughter 44 had a massive bleed caused by an avm in July in her basal ganglia region which caused a stroke
She has right side paralysis, loss of right vision in both eyes and traumatic brain damage
She has come such a long way since then as it did not look as if she would survive at all
She was discharged last Friday and living with me for a while till she recovers a bit more
I was trying to see if there were any avm groups close to us so if they were having a meet up we could go along
I have learnt heaps from this forum and it has certainly been an eye opener like many others I had never heard of avm’s till this happened to our family
Let me know if there is a meet in qld please and we may be able to go
Wishing you well
Thanks jenny