Brian's first Embolization results with 2nd surgery now underway!

Brian had his 1st Embolization yesterday. Procedure itself took approx 4-1/2 hrs. The area worked on (right side of chin) was swollen as well as lip going up side of face. (To be expected)…he stayed overnight (St. Roosevelt Hospital, NY) His 2nd surgery was scheduled for this morning @ 11:am…needless to say, they didnt take him down to the ER until 2:30pm and he was MISERABLE…he couldnt have pain meds since 5:am, he was starving and he had a killer headache! We’re expecting Dr. Waner and his team to finish up by 6:pm…personally, I am very concerned about the daily headaches he is having. Hopefully they are from the chin AVM and not the aneurysm they just found…!!!
Will keep you posted! Been taking before and after shots from each surgery…will post in near future…

Hang in there, Sue! I'm sorry about the delay before surgery. I hope the daily headaches will disappear after surgery.