Breakthrough seizure 6 months after craniotomy

How many people have had seizure after craniotomy to remove the AVM?

I would encourage you to search the term “seizure”. I used the magnifying glass and put in the word seizure and here is what I found.

Sharon from ModSupport

I don’t know what triggered the seizure, I will never know but it seems like a combination of many things: Metropolol, my blood pressure went down (that explains why it happened suddenly, I didn’t feel Aura), bad generic Keppra (my friend told me to buy original), Diet (Chocolates, Diet Coke, Bread :bread:, Carbs). I did gain weight after surgery. I suffered Status Epileticus, and then they gave me 500mg per day, I think it was better to give me 750mg per day considering they intubated me and put me on anesthesia the day I suffered Status, or request in the prescription original Keppra, things outside my control (California denied my benefits so I had to retain some lawyers, grandfather and aunt are both in their dead bed, and I was afraid my mom would leave the country to go to the funeral and leave me alone, not being able to work normally because EDD denied me, the fear of getting fired - even though I have multiple jobs, there was also a flooding in the previous house because I went to the basement and accidentally touched a sprinkler and the firemen big time miss didn’t close the water so neighbors had to move. So I got a house and also moved)

I was at Lowe’s with my uncle, and it seems that suddenly I lost focus. I opened my wallet and my cards fell down. It happened so fast. I remember my uncle noticed that and told me to trust him. He called my mom. My mom called 911.
They sit me in a chair :chair: I had a seizure in the chair but they said it lasted like 45 seconds. When ER I was already recuperating. They put me a sedative to sleep. Then they said because I’m big and strong :muscle: I didn’t want any heart monitoring so they cut through my clothes to put the heart monitors. They said I didn’t want them to touch me.

Bottom line is the surgery successfully removed the AVM. But the new neurologist warned me instill hand 65% chance of having a seizure.

I ended up in the hospital and when my mom went to see me I think I asked what’s the plan B if my political grand father passes away. I think the lack of planning had me worried. I think I was angry since the ER came. But here’s the thing. When I had Status Epilepticus I was super happy on cloud 9​:cloud: and I had the worse seizure in my life. Could have died. This seizure was pretty mild. So mild in fact they wrote on the discharge papers that I don’t need to call 911 just for a seizure. That the person can lay sideways, have the seizure and then they will awake. I was waking up when they came. In the ambulance I had another seizure but it seems like it was again nothing too serious :face_with_monocle:
I did pee on myself so again nothing too serious.
But here’s the problem. The neurologist DID tell me I had high risks of seizures, and I complained about how Keppra was making me angry , irritable, I get upset :sob: mood swings, I read bipolar disorder was a side effect of Keppra. So we talked about that and she recommended Briviact. She told me it’s more protection that Keppra.

But since I did my surgery at Barrow, I don’t know I wanted to wait another month after getting the Briviact and ask Dr Lawton. The neurologist told me Briviact is even more protection than Keppra. She told me I have to drive a mile or two here and there that I can’t let fear dominate the rest of my life. But despite my excitement that I was 6 months seizure free, I had a seizure.

Now I am asking everybody for help.
I am afraid even to go to the restroom :toilet:
I have beautiful house it has zero carpet.
I am thinking moving here was a bad idea.
I’m going to have to install carpet or something. What if I fall?

The worst part is I thought I shouldn’t go to Lowe’s but I was so excited to get all the home theater speakers setup properly.

I also noticed my uncle stresses me but I love him so much. I remember at Lowe’s right before I had the seizure, how my uncle started talking to me in Spanish, that really triggered the seizure. I was never the same after that. How can such a small thing like me being annoyed by things he wanted to buy and he uses Spanish for every item and here in America no body understands what he wants to say. I remember being annoyed with him because I realized installing the speakers was going to be quite a lot of work. It’s weird I have my aunt dying then my sister said she was recuperating then in the hospital they tell me she’s dying again.

Thanks for everybody that read this. Bottom line is I’m afraid. I feel so bad such a small problem with my uncle despite the fact that it was my idea to go to Lowe’s triggered a seizure. But I also feel the Neurologist warned me. She gave me things for my nose :nose: to break the seizure. So my uncle went to the car to pick it up.

I talked to my girlfriend today and she said let’s just keep one in my pocket all the time. Think of it like a wallet.

So thanks to the preparation of this neurologist we were ready for the seizure but didn’t saw it coming.

Since I got brain surgery, my uncle just thought I was making no sense.

Bottom line is, I am so afraid now.
Me or my uncle, none of us saw the seizure coming. We didn’t. Only when my cards :credit_card: went to the floor, my uncle noticed something was wrong :expressionless:

So, has anybody had such seizure?

The good thing is because then AVM is removed and because I am on Keppra the seizure was mild.

The bad news is, I will never drive again, because I can’t control my stress perfectly, and I have problems in life, maybe more than others, but what if my mom dies. I feel I am Epileptic forever, and I remember I wanted to do surgery so I’m not Epileptic. Barrow website says there’s 75% chance I never have a seizure again. But considering the fact that I’ve had 2 seizures in the last 6 months, I need to reconcile the fact that I have a brain :brain: that is not as strong as it once was, and yeah, now I’m so afraid because I didn’t noticed it coming and if I ever fall down that’s bad. I would have to have carpet. I feel so defeated. First embolization they told me everything was okay. Then Status Epilepticus. Then I thought okay let’s go to the best hospital in the world, and then they re assured me I won’t have seizures anymore, that I won’t have to worry. They were overly optimistic, they even said I can drive car in November, 3 months after surgery, that’s crazy.

I feel worried
For the first time in my life I even thought is it worth it to have a life full of medical issues.
Before the seizure I felt I was going down so I grabbed myself from a post. I would have fallen down eventually. No way on earth I’ll ever drive again imagine that happens behind a vehicle :red_car:

Any advice is much appreciated.
If anybody has had a seizure post craniotomy please post it here.