Break through seizures

I’ve had 2 breakthrough seizures. It happens when I’m really tired like the told me. I’m currently trying to get my prescription of levitircetam increased like the dr at barrows told me to do. He said it’s not a new bleed ( not sure what that means maybe the old bleed is still causing seizures?) and that I don’t need surgery right away. I also sick and trying to prevent a breakthrough seizure from a fever any suggestions?

The only suggestion I have…avoid alcohol right now. Call your doctor and ask what over the counter meds you can take since your AVM is still active.

The advice we heard a long time ago:

Avoid alcohol (or only a little)

Don't skip meals.

Get PLENTY of rest. Avoid stress (yeah right--with an AVM, just avoid stress..... LOL)

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS

Had my craniotomy and all went well the avm is gone it’s been a week and 2 days since my surgery and I’m recovering well dr spetzler did a fantastic job