Brainstem near avm

On Friday I learned that my avm is not on "the left side of my brain" as the neurologist said, but actually near the left side of my brainstem and they also see a couple large arteries to the right. So now I'm waiting for an appointment for an angiogram and then they will recommend treatment options. I'd really like to hear from folks about their experiences with brainstem avm pre and post treatment.

Thanks so much.

Hi Khelia,

Saw that no one replied to your post. Sorry, it happens sometimes..........

Go to the box at the upper right of this page and type in 'brainstem avm' (without the '). You'll get directed to a slug of posts that talk about brainstem AVMs--more than you'll have time to read probably.

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Hope this helps.
Ron, KS

Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and prayers Swami Jim.

Thanks so much Ron, your answer is very helpful indeed! Kheli