Brainstem/Consciousness affected the most

Its been over a month now, she is not very responsive… occasionally she obeys commands. She Opens her eyes throughout the day but no focus… she has not made a single sound since… I’m dying to see her smile and hear her voice… she has had a few infections and even had a reaction to one of the meds which caused her kidneys to stop functioning… however they recovered after dialysis… she has had a cerebral shunt placed, the tracheostomy and a feeding tube still… its just getting harder each day… anyone have anything close to something like this they saw a loved one go through or themselves… ct scans look good per the doctors. They still say because she is so young she has chances to recover, however yesterday a doctor at the hospital stated she has seen 2 patients with similar cases one never recovered other did after a year… I dont want to lose hope or give up on her ever…

Any update?

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I’m afraid she passed away last year.


She passed away June 27,2018 after being in a coma for close to two months. She fought hard… but she is in a better place…