Brainstem AVM and Pregnancy

Hi Everyone!

I have an AVM in the pons of my brainstem which ruptured in August. I am scheduled to have an embolization on friday as the first step of my treatment.

A question I have been asking my doctors is whether I will be able to have safe pregnancies in the future (like far future). They are too hesitant to answer at this time since my AVM is still active and obliteration may take years. I know that pregnancy is very dangerous with an active AVM due to the increased blood pressure during pregnancy and the pressure during delivery... I currently just feel like pregnancy will never be a possibility for me (which is ok because i've always had a gut feeling that i would adopt)

Have any of you had pregnancies after having an AVM rupture/treatments? What were your experiences? Have you been able to find OB doctors with experience in treating patients with brain AVM's?

Possum, while we cannot give you a definitive answer about your own safety during pregnancy, you may wish to join the "Pregnancy and AVM" group (click "Groups" at the top of the page to find it) to read the stories there and learn more about others' experiences.

Hi Possum! I had a Brainstem pons CM that was removed. My neuro told me it was ok to get pregnant once confirmation that is was gone, but not before he consulted other neurosurgeons. Just go one day at a time and cross that bridge when you get there!