Brainstem AVM and a new doctor ordering new meds

I have a brainstem AVM. 5 bleeds, 3 craniotomies and still here. I haven’t been followed on it in ten plus years and have moved. I now have a primary care doc and he has prescribed some meds. I have been on none and feel I have to check to be sure these meds are safe for me. Where do I find resources to check these meds?
Thank you all and sorry for the short story but one of these meds is going to have me sleeping in another few minutes. More tomorrow.
Robert in Lexington, KY

Hi, parrotsummer!
Several years have passed since your diagnosis and surgeries. You, like all of us, are older and may have developed new health issues (high blood pressure? Heart disease?..). You may have complained to your new PCP about symptoms you are experiencing now. Are they new?

Have you asked how these new meds are supposed to benefit you? Ask a trusted pharmacist to research the possible side effects for you, considering your AVM status. You know the kinds of sensitivites of which you are prone.

Congratulations on being pro-active!

Thanks. I have complained OFTEN of my new issues and told my doc I will not take a thinner for any reason. The problem is his God complex and him trying to make me think he is the final authority on everything medical I actually went to seven different pharmacists from 5 different chain pharmacies {so there would be no product loyalty issues} and was told by them ALL not to take these meds if I can’t take thinners. My doctor started using small words and told me that is why he has MD after his name and I don’t. He is an ass and thinks he knows more about pharmacology than a pharmacist.

My gosh, Parrotsummer,
What you need is a GOOD doctor. A good doctor does not treat you the way you describe. I’d be terrified to go see him!
Find someone who is bright and will LISTEN to you… ask YOU questions… will discuss the proposed plan, the risks and benefits of each treatment. That is today’s standard. Please consider changing doctors…seriously. Your health and your life depend on a strong doctor-patient relationship. Let us know…

I completely agree.