Brain swelling

Hi all. Hope you are all well. I had 2 embolisations in Sept 2012 and had a terrible time and had brain oedema. Five months later my mri scan is still showing swelling and I am to be admitted into hospital for an angiogram. I am a bit anxious and do not think I could cope with anymore surgery. Anyone else had this problem? My avm was 3cm in the occipital lobe and after my 2 embolisations I am still having vision problems.

I'm sorry you are going through this, Susan. Others have experienced this:

Keep us posted when your doctors figure out the next move.

I had to look up what brain oedema even was. I've been trying to read as much as possible on embolization and have not even seen this. It seems that many others do have swelling though and come through it just fine. I'm sure you are anxious just like anyone is. As hard as it is you will find the strength you need to get through this also. My thoughts are with you.

Thanks for your posts. I am waiting for appointment to be admitted for angiogram. I am very anxious at the moment and hope that my avm has been obliterated with the 2 embolisations I had last September. I now have blind spots in my macular vision along with top left peripheral vision loss.

Hi KSUCat - they did have to shunt my brain to reduce swelling, but, unfortunately, I can’t tell you much more - I was in a coma, and my ex-boyfriend informed me after ICU in the rehab. hospital.

Nonetheless, everything worked out.