Brain Surgery Complete!

Alyssa had her AVM removed on June 30th, and the surgery was a huge success! She had embolism done on the 29th, and three of the major feeders were glued to make the procedure easier for Dr. Li on the 30th. Her surgery took about 9 hours, and she arrived back to her room in the ICU around 7:00 in the evening. She was still on a ventilator, but was taken off shortly after as she became more responsive. Surgery was on a Tuesday, and we actually went home on a Thursday. A CAT scan and an arteriogram were given after the procedure to be sure every bit was gone, and there were no pieces remaining.
Alyssa is in good spirits, although slightly frustrated since the surgery has given her some setbacks in the area of balance, and function with her right arm. She was just beginning to walk unassisted for a few steps prior to the surgery, and she is now unable to do so. We will get there again, the Dr. said that we need to give her at least two years to reach her maximum recovery potential.
She is truly a miracle, surviving the initial rupture, and the blood clot in the brain the next day, and now the successful removal of the AVM 8 months later. Dr. Li said that if she would have bled again she would not have made it. We are so thankful for his expertise and the prayers and well wishes of so many.

Congratulations! I know what a relief you must feel. Our children are so precious and their survival is almost beyond expression.

Best wishes for her continued recovery.

Wow wow wow… she sounds like such a trooper!! Just amazing. I can’t imagine what you all have been thru. I hope she gets better every day. And she is AVM free!!!

That is wonderful! the set backs are a small price.Alyssa will get there. make sure she sleeps alot and takes it easy it will be a long road but she will get there. she is now just one step further to having this behind her. let her know not to focus on the set back just the improvments its easy to feel down while recovering. i wish her, you and your family the best

dawn what wonderful news…alyssa will get there she is young and determind and i believe recovery continues well past the 2 year mark…love and best wishes to you both xxx

Congratulations on Alyssa being AVM free. So pleased for you. She will continue to improve every day. Good luck to you both going forward.

Congratulations! Now she can go forward. Her life will change for the better since she went through this! She may want to work in health care, now that she knows how great the people in that career were for her! Congratulations again, Alyssa girl!

It is so wonderful to hear this great news!!! She will continue to heal every minute!!

Great News!!! If she doesn’t have therapy, make sure she gets it. Therapy has been a big help for me. Therapy has been great for my balance.