Brain Stem Stroke from AVM rupture

Has anyone (or your loved one) had a Stroke in your brain stem? My husband had one when his AVM ruptured 4/4/10, it was discovered a few days after the bleed, the cells next to Chuck’s brain stem have been taking over, I was just wondering if anyone has had that and how you or your loved one is doing now?

My AVM was at the base of the skull. Three years ago it ruptured. I had a bleed for ten hours. My speech and motor skills were affected. My left side is paralyzed. I received speech physical and occupational therapy. My speech came back within 3 months. After three years I am beginning to walk with a cane. My left arm is beginning to have some movement and my fingers are beginning to open and close. Recovery has been slow but never give up. Keep working and striving to regain your health.

Thank you Maria! You’ve came a long way, that is awesome!

You are welcome Carrie. I am here to help.(GO BRIAN YIU CAN DO IT!)