"Brain Sick" feeling

“Brain Sick”. Its the term that I use when I don’t feel well from my post surgical symptoms. I get tired, I see shadows (my new one is colored shadows, like red streaks), I have migraines, I can’t focus my eyes or brain on anything, I get disoriented easily, my legs feel like I’m walking through molasses, it takes me time to process what is being said or what is going on around me, I forget… a lot. Those are some of the symptoms that I have on my bad days (“Brain Sick” days), I know there are more. Its gets me down when I have a brain sick day (like today) because it reminds me that after almost a year and a half post surgical I am not healed. That I’m not even sure I’ll feel better than I do already… how fragile I still am… I’ve been brain sick for 2 days now, I hope it goes away soon…

Candace, I do hope you feel a bit better soon. I have “brain sick” days too, just about every day, though sometimes worse than others. I’m about 14 months post bleed and 13 months post craini and nowhere near healed. And like you, I don’t know if I’ll ever get any better than I am today. But…all that being said, I try to focus on how incredibly lucky I am to still be here. I’m sure you’ve probably heard that a lot. It’s what everyone says when we ever mention our frustrations or really tough days. It is true though. Considering the alternative, I think I choose to be alive and “brain sick”. I don’t know if I’ve said anything to help you feel better, but you do know that you are not alone!

WOW! It sounds like you’re talking about me! My surgery was just about 4 years ago (will be 4 years at the end of the month) and, sadly, I still have the occasional “brain sick” day. For what it’s worth, they come a lot less frequently and less severe than they did for the first couple of years. If you don’t mind, I think I’m going to have to start using that term when I’m having one.

Hi Candace, I get “Brain Sick” alot. It’s because we overwhelm our brains. What I do is meditate and sleep if I can. I had what you call a “Brain Sick” last week. I went with my family to a beach house and when I came home I had to stay in bed for 3 days to feel normal again. Sleep and meditation is what really works for me. Hang in there, girlfriend!