Brain Scars how they form


does anyone know how brain scars form when avm is removed? i have heard a lot of different things(that area where avm was fills with scar tissue, area where avm was fills with cerebrospinal fluid, that area around where avm was(adjacent brain tissue) scars )

i will call dr office tomorrow, but please let me know if you know

hi i just wanted to share good news. i spoke with the neurosurgeons office who did my surgery and they said that scar tissue that forms as a result of a craniotomy typically is tissue that grows in the place where the avm was, unless the surgeon had to cut through brain tissue in order to get to the avm. the scar tissue is scar tissue that forms on top of the healthy brain tissue that was present prior to avm removal. unless you have complications, after surgery the brain you had is the brain you get to keep sans avm!

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