Brain Research


Hi Louisa,
And thanks for posting this!!!
Here is a chance to write our President & encourage MORE research for those of us whose lives have been turned upside down from vascular malformations.
We can write President Obama @ :)

I did a happy dance when I first heard about this!

Thanks for sending the Presidents email address, Patti! I just sent him a huge Thank You Note!

Love you President O!

Love you too, Patti!

I submitted a quick note to the President. Hope it helps. (AVM and CPS)

It would really be amazing if our country followed through on this brain initiative. It would be so helpful to so many. Thanks for posting:)

Me too, gnihcraes!!! :)
But mine was more of a lengthy letter. ;) LOL

(CM & CPS)

You're so welcome, my friend! <3