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Brain healing device


I just watched this on YouTube, this video https://youtu.be/ZcLfHA4n0Tc . This video was uploaded about three years ago. In this video there’s a device named ‘PONS DEVICE’ according to this video they can heal the deficits caused by traumatic brain injury through the tongue therapy, as our brain injury is because of AVM or CCM. But the main thing we need is to recover from those symptoms as soon as possible which was caused by that injury and start to live our lives normally.
I’m really curious to know if anyone has tried this device or knows details or any kind of results obtained by the use of this device.


I’m curious too…hopefully someone knows



Did you watch the video ?


Yes and it’s totally mind boggling… It shows just how absolutely incredible the brain is, and how much we don’t know yet. I would like to know more for sure.