Brain freeze

hello does anyone or everyone have memory problems bec of their avm or is it just those of us who has an avm laying in the memory part of the brain

thank you

Hi Kathleen I do get what I also call brain freeze. My Avm is on left above my ear and goes deep, It is worse when i’m rushing arround. When I watch the news for the weather , a few minutes later I don’t remember what thay said …But sometimes I wait for them to say what the temp is going to be and stared at tv and missed it all , Also names or things…can’t come up with the word .

I have memory problems but that is because the avm was in the memory part of my brain…the doctors say that with certain exercises and training I will be my old self again. Lol…but hard telling how long that will be. :slight_smile: Just have to wait it out and see what happens down the road. I didn’t have this many memory problems til my avm was removed then after the surgery I have even had problems with keeping my words straight and just say random things. To be honest it is actually pretty funny most of the time now. and my family is really getting good about it.

Hi, I have the same problem. I am in the middle of a sentence and forget the word I’m trying to use. Sometimes I can read a passage and only remb the first and last bit of information, i forget the middle passage. I guess in time it will come back, i kind of figure its a small price to pay, im just happy to be here!

katheleen this happens to me at times…before and after surgery…my avm was not located in the momory area…but it still happens

I have problems forgetting things, forgetting words mid-sentence, forgetting names, as well as (lately) saying the wrong word in place of another. It seems to be happening more and more often! My AVM is is in the right parietal lobe and that isn’t the memory area.

Conni are you on meds , maybe that’s it hope so (no meds no forgetting ).

well im sorry but i do need meds…this head pain is chronic…and for the antidepressants…i need them to…i dont feel like im zombied out from the meds its a brain thing!

I had my craniotomy in 98, wow after 10 yrs yes I still have brain freeze all the time, it’s definitely apart of my make-up now. Sometimes I can start a sentence and then forget what I’m saying and then can’t finish the sentence. I also reallize that there are people who do the same thing and they haven’t had anything done to their brain. It doesn’t bother me much as it use to though. I can’t keep up with my thoughts, there are so many thoughts coming and going. I like doing word games, & puzzles, and for some reason I think it helps me out even though I don’t remember, go figure. We are like puzzles pieces, once we put the pieces together, but now since surgery it’s just hard to put all the pieces together. I used to type very well and I still do okay, but I’m always getting the keys of the left hand mixed up with the keys of the right hand. Being depressed makes the wholed scenario worse. Oh well well be okay.

hey there thank you for sharing and caring! was the purpose of the craniotomy for radiation of some sort…im curious…and do you have any pain in your head at all…wow it seems we all have so much in common!
thanks again!

pauline this is for you how can you possibly blame an avm on meds!! you have no idea what your talking about!!! its not the avm or the pain its the depression…wake up!!!

connie this is for you and im coming to your defense!!!