Brain Fart moment

I like to laugh at everything I can laugh at, which is pretty much everything.. anyway, I call "brain fart" when I have a fog moment. Today has been one of those days haha
I read the wrong words to my daughter school play while "helping" her practice her line, and I swear I saw the words I read!! I had slurred speech, couldnt express my thoughts and just ended up snorting at myself, by myself. haha
Still funny to me but not to my dear husband, we were on our way home from Home Depot (where apparently he could not understand a word I was saying) and took my seat belt off and was about to open the passenger door and realized "wait, we are still driving and we are not even home". I thought we were home!!
Its weird, because when i am doing good physically, my brain is so messed up, or vice versa. I was walking so good today and have been having a lot of energy, but I noticed my memory and my brain fog are a lot worse. I cant wait to have both of them working right, at the same time. I guess they will play tag for a while!!

Tell me your funniest brain fog moment!