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Brain avm open surgery


Thank you very much for the updates. Sending positive thoughts!


What a day, started off by seeing my wife off to surgery and spent the next 8 hours worrying about her.
heard from the surgeon by phone at around 6pm, then finally after some more waiting around got to see the patient at 11PM.
What a relief to find she is totally aware (for someone with a large dose of morphine and a general anesthetic), talking, moving well, with 2 working arms and legs, a smile, and a head full of stitches.

The operation consisted of opening a letter box shape in the back of her skull and going between the gray matter and the lower part of the brain (cerebellum),so we are lucky in the sense that she didnt have to have an excessively large crainiotomy.
From there, the surgeon occluded the various blood vessels and seems to have made a good job of it!

Happy new year to you all, it is certainly a happy start to the new year for myself and Joy!

p.s. sorry if my updates dont make alot of sense im trying my best!


Excellent, happy new year!


Sounds like everything went nicely, so happy to hear it! Happy and healthy new year to the both of you!


Happy New Year, sounds like 2015 is going to be great. Wishing your wife a speedy recovery, please keep us posted.


So Pleased For You Both
Happy New Year x


Yay for Joy and thank you for the updates. 2015 is starting off great for the 2 of you!


I was just checking in to see how your surgery went. I am so happy your husband posted the great news that all went well. Just know I continue to pray for you and your speedy recovery. What a great start to 2015!!


excellent news !, I hope you guys have health and happiness in the new year, :) , Please also remember to tell your wife to take it easy :) , Recovery takes time but she will see the progress :) , Take care .


Hope your surgery went well! Sending prayers and thoughts to u and your family…


Hi everyone, loved reading your replies.
Got joy home today, can’t really believe how well this has gone and how smoothly her recovery had been.
We just have to wait and see how the angiogram looks in a week or two, but for now we couldn’t be happier!
Hope you are All happy and and well.



God bless and glad everything went well...God bless!


Jonny the news is wonderful and yay for your happiness! I wish you continued good news.


That's great news Johnny and what a wonderful New Year you have embarked upon, as a healthier individual. May you continue to have a wonderful recovery.


Hi everyone i just wanted to let you all know that i have had the best news i could have ever dreamed of. I just got a phone call from the hospital to inform me that they had looked at the angiogram and i no longer have an avm and am i no need of any more future treatment. Me and my husband jonny cant really process the information atm its what i have dreamed about since i was diagnosed when i was 17 years old. such a world wind of emotions. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me letting me know what to expect with my treatment, i suppose i can now use it to let others know, now that im on the other side. So nice to have a place like this were you feel like you have others who are going through similar situations it feels like ur a little AVM family.
AVM free what a feeling.

lots of love Joy and JOnny

Update following avm obliteration

What lovely news. I am so glad for you both. Thanking you for sharing the good news, Joy!


FANTASTIC!!! So glad to hear it's done, gone and over with! Thanks so much for sharing with everyone here, it helps to hear from people who have good outcomes. I hope you're in the midst of planning something really special to celebrate!


That is awesome and fantastic news, so happy for you and your husband.


Yay for Jonny and you! Thank you for sharing the great news! Ah what a feeling; I am overjoyed for you!

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