Brain AVM - Gamma Knife

i received lots of love and prayer from my first post so I wanted to tell you guys I had my procedure today (3/31/2022) !!!

I arrived at 5:30am, checked in, was under anesthesia by 8:30am, and was checked out by 1:30pm. They hooked up an IV, everything went extremely smooth, I woke up with no major symptoms other than a slight headache. I have two dots on my forehead from the gamma knife pins that bled as well as ones in the back. ( DO NOT PICK AT THEM), I was prescribed steroid medication for any headaches I may have but was told I CAN take Tylenol if needed.

Currently as of 12:17pm my only side effect is soreness from where the pins were placed, I will be allowed to remove the bandaids and properly clean it tomorrow. (Picture added below of where pins were)
Prayers for anyone that’s about to have this done !


Great news! It is fantastic to have it done and sounds like it all went as smooth as possible. Take Care, John.

I have a photo of myself with similarly placed bandages. I was surprised how quick the front ones healed, but the back ones took a while. Perhaps that was due to them bearing the weight most of the day.

Good luck with your 3-4 year healing journey. I showed little progress on my 1st and 2nd anniversary, but it was almost all gone by the third.

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Thank you for the post, my son had an avm brain hemorrhage that was embolized and had a new avm embolized during cranioplasty, developed epilepsy, and the original Avm is trying to make a comeback by way of a recurrence, he is now preparing for gamma knife radiation, hoping to put an end to this saga…!

Wish you all the best for your recovery.
I had the procedure years ago. Side effects after surgery vary from person to person.

Congratulations on starting your recovery! I hope you are able to take some rest over the next few days/weeks to recover from that whole process!