Brain avm-ers what things have you built into your day / life that helps you cope better?

Being outdoors
Regular rest and quiet time.
Seeing friends

I look forward to hearing yours


After my surgery it helped me lts to rest - of course - and to take long walks outside...that was so good for my helped me to calm down and relief the stress - i used to stress myself a lot about the things that were different after the surgery and walking around brought me to another mind. It was the best thing I could do. Take care pls xxx

Hi flower,

That's a good question... I have to think about this one. Hmmm? Let me see:

1 - I have to lay down for a while at least once a day, sometimes two times depending on how I'm feeling.
2 - I do my best to stay mentally relaxed (I get uncontrollable seizures)
3 - I learned not to push myself beyond my limits - I do things a lot slower now, no rushing.
4 - I meditate a few times a day (short ones)
5 - I try to stay busy just doing things around my house and for my friends.
6 - I get outside as much as I can. The fresh air always seems to help.
7 - I babysit my 2 yr. old God-daughter 3 days a week.
8 - I play games on the computer when I get bored.
9 - The most important thing I do is, I don't think about it (the avm). I keep the outlook of "What ever. It is what it is" I do what I can that day and if I can't, then I'll do it the next day or the day after that. Everything I do, depends on how I'm feeling that day. I literally live one day at a time. And that works for me.


I want to add:
I've known about my avm for over 20 years now. I believe dealing with an avm or any other kind of a chronic illness is a matter of perception. I choose not to live with my cup 1/2 empty. Instead I look at it as 1/2 full. Don't get me wrong - I do get some bad days but, I refuse to let my self stay there long.
I hope this doesn't sound morbid but, I learned to accept the inevitable. I do not have that fear that many people do. Once I did that, my whole outlook was a positive one. I live my life the best that I can and when that days comes, I'm mentally ready. That outlook, that perception, helps me to enjoy my life.


Yoga, decent wine and good beer. Not necessarily in that order :slight_smile:

Since my surgery I have found that long walks help. I am just finishing up a 5K training program and I am scheduled to run a 5K this Saturday. I have found that the running helps alot. I have neuropathy in my legs and running makes them feel alot better. Rest is a big thing. If I am tired I am really emotional and grouchy.

Good beer does the trick for me also.

i would have to say God and stronger faith.

God bless

At first I turned to god....that helped....then I try to lead my life normally, and be as healthy as I can for my condition...

Do what makes you happy and realize that you have a gift that nobody else has.... you won't take life for granted as much as others...because of that you will probably lead a more fulfilling life, and you understand a hell of a lot more than the average person. Just keep thinking as positive as you can. Where your mind goes, your body follows.

Hi Flower, the things that had helped me cope better was being outside - every weekend, I try to take a walk along some of he nature trails not far from my home, getting into artwork and craft work, volunteer work, and spending time with friends and family.

I admire your positive attitude, Ben. It's quite inspiring!