BRAIN AVM and the effect of lack of oxygen to the brain

Hi Everyone!,
I am looking for research papers about brain health and how lack of oxygen and breathing in your own Carbon Dioxide back in may affect your brain health.
I have an AVM in my brain and am curious as to if continually wearing a face mask for long periods of time will affect my brain and cause another bleed.
This is of concern to me.
Would love if you could share any information you have read or seen on this. Preferably peer reviewed research papers but all info is welcome.

Thanking you all kindly.

This has obviously been a concern in the wider population as to whether wearing a mask leads to CO2 or CO poisoning. There are several articles out there on reputable web sites debunking concerns. As you can imagine, most of these will not focus on those who have had brain damage from a stroke.

I’d be amazed if it would cause a bleed. I really don’t see how that would follow on.

The main area I can see a concern is where you are still recovering from a stroke and where the opposite of this – hyperbaric oxygen therapy – is relevant for an improved recovery.


I’ve got nothing for you, absolutely no knowledge whatsoever (my kids say that about me a lot!)

But I would love to hear what, if anything, you find out.

Keep me informed if you can,