Brain AVM and delivery options

Hi all, just needing some advice i am 31wks pregnant and i had my AVM clamped in 2010 the Mris i have had since surgery show that it has been fixed but i still suffer headaches migraines and the tinnitis noise in my ear has never stopped since it was first diagnosed. Most recent Mri being about a year ago showed another different cyst as well which was never there before either. Im wanting to know if i can attempt a natural delivery or if c section is my only choice. The pressure of pushing i was told would be too much for the brain…my specialist is a interventional radiologist so not really a neurologist as such he said he would recommend a c section but my Obstetrician is making a big fuss over it and doesnt seem to want me to have a c section they want me to have natural and an epidural but that doesnt make sense to me because that still requires pushing. I guess i am just after some reassurance or advice from anyone else who has had a labour after a brain AVM please.

Hi Zoey! I had one pregnancy before avm was discovered and had no pushing issues. I was pregnant with my second when the avm burst and had to have a c section. My last pregnancy was 2 yrs after my bleed and craniotomy and I had a natural delivery. I was nervous but it went really good with no issues. I would consult with some sort of neuro if you can? I had an mri done with last pregnancy at 4 months and everything looked good. The hospital wanted me to get a neurologist opinion before I could deliver there. They didn’t want me to be a liability. I got peace of mind also when they gave me the go ahead to push :slight_smile: My tinnitus is also still there but my neurosurgeon keeps telling me it’s fine? Who knows. I panic but So far so good I guess. Lol What kind of cyst was found? I wish the best for you. You will know the right decision in your heart. I did.

Hi Wendy, did your tinnitus get worse whilst heavily pregnant? Mines become so loud I can’t barely sleep its so bothersome and normally its not this loud otherwise. Ummm i can’t remember the name of the cyst they found but its not a bad one i was told its a common one most ppl dont know they have. They have booked my c section date but i still have to have specialist appts between now and then to make sure its the right thing to do and to see if they will bringmy date forward or not to lessen the risk of me going into natural labour first.
I have accepted the fact it needs to be a c section if only i could get the obstetricians to be as understanding they are still very against it.