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Brain AMV after effects

Well, I'm Justin, and I have Brain AMV.. I've been hospitalize for more than weeks last year on Aug. 5 2013.. Apparently a part of my brain, a artery on the right side ruptured that caused my AVM.. It happened because of lack of sleep and stress..

I didn't undergo any operation, they just filtered/drained the blood clot over that 2 weeks of stay... and gave me an advice to undergo operation... sadly, I find operation to the brain quite dangerous thus I refused..

Around February or so, I encountered this after effect, at first I didn't think it was related on my AVM but after dealing with it again for the 3rd time.. I say it's def. related.. The thing is, whenever this after effect starts, the left side of my face, the lower part of my mouth beats fast(since there's a vein that can be found there), then it would lock my jaw after yawning, while my left arm would twist uncontrollably, and the fainting will happen afterwards..

This have happened for three times now.. with the last and 2nd time having a 1 month interval..

I did some research and found similar cases, if I remember correctly it was similar to Hemiballism/Hemiballismus ... Though I don't have any further proofs on my claims... nor did I found any other similar cases to mine... I haven't had any check up yet but will soon do one...

But, any information about this, similar cases perpahs, would gladly be of help as well..

P.S. kindly move the thread if it was place on the wrong section.. sorry..

Hi Justin,
Welcome to our site. We are happy to have you here. You will get lots of different opinions from us. Most of us are survivors and have opinions on what you should do. We are NOT doctors, just people that have been thru the AVM adventure.
I am a 13 year brain bleed survivor caused by my AVM and I will just tell you what I think. OK??
Neurosurgeons have different ways of fixing AVM's nowadays. There are crainiotomies, gamma knife, cyber knife, embolizations, to name a few. My opinnion, and I repeat, only my opinion, don't ignore it. I, personally don't think it's a good idea.
Please feel free to ask questions and let us help ease your mind.

Justin please seek out a neurosurgeon/neurologist who has experience treating AVMs. Seek several opinions if you can. I agree with Sandy, don't ignore it. Have you had an angiogram, any further tests? An experienced doctor can give you all options available.

I agree with the previous comments in here in that I think you should see a Neurogurgeon/Neurologist experienced in AVMs. I wouldn't ignore it. Please seek a professional opinion from a qualified doctor.

My best wishes!

Thanks everyone.. I'm not closing my doors when it comes to opinion and advice.. I'm planning to get an appointment next week for a medical check up.. Hopefully it's nothing to serious.. then think about what to do next afterwards...