hi!! it;s ginny, i see those bracelets for sale. have you bought any? i emailed her the other day no answer. just wondering let me know!! thank you ginny

Hi Ginny! I bought some. Maybe Kim is away on holidays now and hasn’t got your message. Did you click on the link beside the bracelets?

Hi Ginny,

I’ve already received my bracelet from Kim. She said she sent me the last one. Maybe she is waiting to get more.


Hi Ginny! I just sent you an email actually before I saw this posting. A money order is fine too!

hi kim! i;m a jacquelyn’s mom too!! i’ll get a money order and send it off right away. are you sure 10 is enough for 4 bracelets and shipping? maybe 15 would do it. thanks alot!! ttyl ginny

Hi Ginny- $10 should be fine. I’ll look out for the money order. THANKS!

hi kim, i sent a money order yesterday. don’t know how long it will take. i made it for 15 just in case. let me know when you get it! thanks ginny