BP Changes after Gamma / Embo

I’m interested to know whether anyone has experienced BP changes after their AVM was obliterated. It would make sense that by removing the diversion, BP overall may increase but I’ve seen no information or studies on this. Does anyone have any insights? My AVM is not yet obliterated so I won’t know for a while, I just want to know what to expect. I monitor my BP regularly and it’s fairly low (115/70).


My BP was always on the higher side(around 135/75+)

After my hemorrhage, then embolization my BP took off to a very high range 151/102 - they pumped me full of BP iV meds - it still stayed very high - after 2 days of this, we all figured it was due to severe anxiety - I was put on a lot of Valium, which I had to continue taking for weeks after leaving ICU - every time I tried to stop taking it, my BP would run away & my anxiety would kick in

After 2 weeks, I came off the Valium & continued on my BP meds(Lisinopril & Amlodipine) - now, my BP is back to where it was prior to all of this - but, now on meds

I’d like to see what others say on this - this is one topic I haven’t seen on here, so far

My BP used to be high prior to losing almost 50kg (110 pounds) years ago. Then normal range after I lost weight

My blood pressure just prior to surgery was very slightly higher, maybe due to pain/anxiety/pressure in head

After embolisation, they kept me in hospital longer as they had been in brain and irritated it and my BP was randomly going terribly low to high. All over the place.

After a few days it went back to normal range and has stayed there for 9 months now