Botox for my spasticity on Wednesday


And I’m petrified, I’m not a fan of needles :weary: I’m getting it on my arm between shoulder and elbow, and between wrist and elbow AND between my thumb and pointer finger. I just am antsy about the possibility of it not working :pensive: Like Im going to endure a fear of mine and it might not even work!


Hey Teiry,
I completely understand your angst, but I’d like to give you another thought. What if it does work? I have had numerous Botox shots in my neck, face and shoulders. 3 rounds of 30 shots. They were not comfortable and, for me, they did not have the desired effect, but I would have been kicking myself everyday had I rejected the treatment if there was the possibility of relief and I’d rejected it.
You are correct, they may not work, but if they do……
Just a thought.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team


Thank you so much! I think Im just putting myself down because mt neurologist doesn’t appear too sure about it and I only went with her because my neurosurgeon referred me so I’m very unsure of how to feel


I think situations like this, Teiry, are a legitimate use of mild anti-anxiety drugs. Ask your doctor if there’s something that they can give you to mellow you out a bit. I’m betting you won’t be the first to ask!

Seenie from the Moderator Support Team