Boston Vascular Anomalies Clinic Help

I currently live in Wisconsin, and have been seeing a doctor for my left foot AVM, after many relatively unsuccessful embolizations he is asking me to go to Boston’s Children’s Vascular Anomalies Clinic to see their specialists. Has anyone had a great experience there or think it is worth the trip? I’m currently feeling a bit hopeless but sick of doctors. I’m hoping to find out if it’s worth the trip, and if there’s anyone in particular that has been a great doctor for anyone. Any and all input is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!

I moved from France to Boston to be close to Children’s Vascular Anomalies Clinic.
My doctors in France couldn’t do the surgery to remove the AVM and told me that the Children’s clinic are my best shot so here I am.
I’ve done embolization with them and the main surgery is coming soon, and I highly recommend that team.

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