I haven’t posted in a long time and sorry for not replying to your comments. I REALLY appreciate them but I’m flighty :slight_smile:
No news is good news, I guess?
I scheduled an appointment with my Neurosurgeon to get my official results from the angiogram but it’s been a long time and I’ve never heard from the hospital (to get a date from them). So I suppose I should ring them.
Other health matters are more prominent at the moment. Having other scans done and I hope nothing is wrong because I’m over have an ‘annoying’ body.
I never, ever ever get a head cold or the flu or ‘normal’ sickness (the last time I had a very slight head cold was probably about 10 years ago - or more) but I tend to just get major, abnormal things happen to me. Sigh sigh sigh.
I’ve been extraordinarily depressed over the last 2 months and my spirits are finally lifting.
I need to be more active socially but it’s hard as when you’re feeling like crap, you have a completely different mental state.
Bills bills bills coming out of my ears.
I need to get 4 wisdom teeth pulled out but I won’t be able to because it’s going to cost $2590.00 which I obviously don’t have.
$800 already spent on fillings in the last 2 weeks and I’m about to leave to get another one.
Then other health issues. More tests, mean more $.
In Australia, I get the majority of my AVM stuff for free (I’m SO thankful for that, otherwise I have no idea what I’d do)
but lately the ‘non-free’ stuff is building up.
Gosh, I’m really going on a rant here.
It always makes me feel better though.

I probably need to get back into therapy since my other one left - about 9 months ago but I HATE telling my life story over and over and over again and trying to build a rapport with someone that might not happen. $ aswell.

Have to leave for the dentist now but I’m hoping everyone is healthy as they can be and happy and on the way to a better life.

Sorry for your recent troubles and I hope you feel better very soon. I know dental issues suck, hopefully they will be fixed quick so you can get on with everything else. Take care.

Thanks very much, Jo :slight_smile:

I feel the same way about the dental issues. I need so much work done, but I just don’t have the money for it. Plus, with all the other pain issues going on, that definitely goes to the back burner…no more pain please! lol

As far as getting your results, call the hospital. I’m finding that if I don’t stay on their butts, things don’t move very quickly.

Hang in there, Catherine, and no that we are always here for you…whether you’re feeling chipper or not.

Connie - Exactly how I feel aha :slight_smile: And definitely, I know with hospital you have to keep bugging them and ringing them and do a lot of the work yourself. I’ve been slack too. Thanks for your kind kind words, they mean a lot.

Liam - No, don’t worry about it. It’s REALLY nice to know people out there care. I’m glad you messaged me :slight_smile: Thank you!