Bone flap issues

Anyone with experience/knowledge of reabsorbing a bone flap? My neurosurgeon is monitoring my incision site to see if that’s occurring. It’s been 1 year since it was replaced after my craniotomy.

Hi Current #17. Go to the search box on the top right hand corner of this page and type in bone flap. You may wish to send a message to this moderator …
Patti has had numerous neurological procedures done and has a lot of knowledge about these things! Good luck!

Hi - I've never heard the term "reabsorbing" but I was told that they took my occipital bone flap out. My situation is diff bc it was not replaced - they said the muscles back there are really strong and it would close up and be okay so there was no need for a plate or anything. My surgery was April 2011. I hadn't touched the soft spot on my head until a few months ago by accident when I was washing my hair. Gross. The only person who regularly touches my head is my acupuncture doctor. She has been working on the scar and is very careful of the soft spot etc. and she is convinced that the skull around there is getting harder. She just said this last week after about a year of treatment. Bye :)atnt.