Bogus people

hi ben shalon ect, i got an email from a lavern cameron. she doesn’t exist on this site so you might want to remove her if you haven’t already. kevin called me last night for the first time in 4 months!!! i had him taken off the anti-depressant again. now i hope they will listen to me!! ttyl ginny

Hey Ginny. Ya, That was a spammer! Ben took care or it and deleted the messages and such. We do get them once in a while. Like any of us want to go look at their “webcam!” ha ha! I find it slightly amusing actually. But annoying just the same. :slight_smile:

So glad to hear that you got a call from Kevin! Taking him off the anti depressants makes him more functional and normal? How is he doing with all of this?

I am so glad that Kevin called you! It must have made you feel so much better to get that call. :slight_smile: