Does anyone know how I can connect with those who have AVM’s and chosen no physical intervention or if any other methods have been utilized to address the problem of seizures such as meditation, exercise, foods, etc?


I am one of many, (please see "My Page" and my "blog" for details)

In summary:

1st choice,...Embolism/gamma knife

2nd choice,..Embolism/crainiotomy (sic) (radical invasive surgical procedure)

3rd choice,..monitor AVM with twice yearly MRIs.

(I'll go with #3)

My Physician stated that I will have a 3% chance yearly of another bleed,...which means a 97% chance yearly of NO bleed and NO AVM related problems,....(I'll play those odds !)

I have had two seizures, and am on a "Keppra" generic, 500mg twice daily.

I exercise regularly, and try to stay in good physical condition.

As for food, it sits still long enough in front of me,..well,...I'll eat it,...LOL,...(ie),.. I am on a see food diet,...*wink*,..I see food,..I eat it,...LMAO

To this day I have headaches,...pressure, tension, stress, migraine, etc,..etc,...which I control with OTC medication (Tylenol, and others) and meditation, (Zen Meditation)

Bob,...I'll be more than happy to elaborate on any of the above, or answer any of your questions you may have.

Juz' lemme' know,...^5


Hi Bob. I found out about my avm in 1991. I didn't have it treated (gamma knife) untill 2007. That's when I started to have gran-mall siezures and was put on siezure meds. My symptoms all got worst in 2009 and the meds I was on started to have an adverse effect on me. The only meds I take now are for pain. Although my avm has shrunk considerabley, I still have it and I refuse to have it treated again.

Things that I do for it is:

1 - I'm very carefull of how much caffeine I have (I love my coffee, mostly decaf now).

2 - I need to rest a lot and do things a lot slower than I use to.

3 - I do my best to avoid the hottest time of the day (when it comes to doing things outside). The heat is my enemy and makes me a lot worst.

4 - All strenuouse activity that I may do, I have to do with caution. For me, it brings on my vertigo and tremors. I have brought on siezures from being to active as well.

Basically, I do all that I can to keep my pulse and my blood pressure down.

5 - I meditate almost every day. That's been a habit of mine for many years now.

I hope this helps..... Ben