Blue "thing " in my throat?!

Hello to everyone! I went to a 2nd ENT because I was told that I have a “blue thing” hanging down the back of my throat behind my uvula. After a scope into my right sinus they could see it was about the size of a cherry tomato. I have had double vision, have had dizziness, ringing in my right ear, headaches, vertigo and have went to my eye doctor twice within the past 2 years due to flashingad been seeing. He told me it was probably due to “eye migraines”. Well I get a CAT scan on Wednesday and the doc told me he feels as though it may be a AVM. I’m scared and clueless. Has anyone ever been told they had a blue mass hanging in the back of their throat???
I’m a 43 year old female. Thank you so much!!

oh you poor thing! I am glad you are getting a scan and will find out what the heck it is
You can have an AVM anywhere I believe.
Let us know how it goes

I have an AVM in my brain and have had four embolizations. An embolization is a type of surgery. I have lived a very full and productive life after these surgeries after some recovery time. I do have mirgrines and motor weakness in my left arm and leg due to the fact that my AVM is on my motor cortex and this is the side effect I suffer.

I was diagnosed with my AVM At 49, I was about to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary and had a sixteen year old at home. I guess there is no good time for our world to fall apart but the good news with this condition is there is good medical professionals out there and after shock I hope you do your research and found someone good to help you.

It is important for you to keep a positive outlook. I will keep you in my pray. Donna

Hi Molly,
It is very normal to be scared, believe me! It is a good thing you are getting a CT on Wednesday to find out exactly what it is.
Yes, AVM's can be anywhere in our bodies. It sounds to me that if it is in your throat it should be simple to obliterate, much easier than the brain, I would think.
Please do keep us informed. We will be here for you.

Its very normal to be scared, and as if your life has stopped or on hold. When ever you need help,advice support, this is the place to come.Somebody will always,respond, and LISTEN.Everybody on this site can identify with your journey,you are not alone.There is a great deal of practical knowledge use it.I would also concur with a previous post, do your research.Knowledge is power.
Remembering you in prayer.

Please keep us posted on your results as we are all here to help each other’s fears…try and be positive and strong…you are not alone and sending prayers your way… God bless!

Thank you to you all! I’ll keep you posted.

Hi, Molly, if you are diagnosed with a venous malformation (vm) in the throat or an avm, please join our Facial, head and neck avms subgroup (click the Groups tab above to find it).