Blue cross blue sheild pathway x (exchange plan)

Very frustrated. My experience yesterday was losing my neurologist and my upcoming appt at Emory. My husband and I started this new insurance yesterday. My husband printed off the neurologists that are supposed to accept bcbs pathway x (the pathway x is the bcbs marketplace insurance) and the majority of these Dr.'s listed as providers were not accepting this insurance, and the Dr. Info (office location and phone) were incorrect.
Also I need to verify with the hospital because they don't automatically take the exchange bcbs even if listed as accepting. When calling bcbs pathway x provider services it is only a recording, and no extension to speak with a real person. And, we are locked into this ins until Nov.
I did find 1 Dr. That specializes in headaches - seeing him next week. Praying for a good outcome.

Hi Sharon, I am sorry to hear about your frustration. Yes, the insurance system is nightmarish. I will keep you in my prayers especially for your appointment next week.

Hey Sharon, I’m also seeing doctors at Emory tomorrow for my first look since radiosurgery. I’m seeing Dr. Crocker and Dr. Oyesiku. Any chance that you’re seeing the same folks? Thanks!

Hi Tim,
I was planning to see Dr. Mishu's (neurology) nurse practitioner, Calli Cook. (Mushu had no opening before Nov, and Cook reviews all her cases with Mishu, so I was going in the back door.) Anyway, they don't take BCBS Pathway X insurance so I am not going. Having to purchase Humana Gold (exchange, marketplace,Obamacare) in addition to BCBS pathway x so I can reschedule and get back in with my neurology Doc and reschedule Emory. I won't be able to do anything until the Humana insurance is in effect Jul 1.

I would love to run into, but it won't be tomorrow. I hope your appointment goes really well.

Sharon, I’m sorry insurance is getting in the way. I wish you the best of luck come July 1st!

Thanks Tim. I've learned to persevere through setbacks. July 1 is right around the corner.