BLS (Bilateral stimulation) and TBI

I had AVM surgery seven years ago. My AVM was deep in my left frontal lobe. As a result of surgery I now suffer the symptoms of a TBI, some will say ABI, either way symptoms and treatment are the same. My life has changed, I’m finally accepting that I’m not who I was pre-op. I am now working with professionals to help me deal with post-op symptoms. I suffer with insomnia, emotional, and behavioral symptoms. Sometimes life looks very dark too me.
The professionals that are working with me told me I should consider BLS (Bilateral stimulation) treatment. This is a treatment that can be manual or mechanical, it can involve eye movements, sounds, or touch/ tapping to the right and left side alternating. I’m new to this concept, and I’m not sure other than it’s a recommended therapy for me, if it has any merit. I was recommended to get a product called Bi-Tapp. This is a Bluetooth device that can be adjusted to one’s personal settings, it has two tappers that you put on you right and left side. These devices Tap right left alternating and stimulate the left and right side of the brain.
I have not read anywhere about this treatment and was interested to know if anyone has used this or had success. I am ordering the recommended product and will see if I benefit from using it.
After seven years of denial, I now recognize I have issues and now seeking treatment, and counseling to help me through these issues that I never understood.
Thank you everyone for your many stories that help me get through the rough and dark times.

I do think engaging with our troubles is the way forwards, so this is good to read. I hope some others may have heard of or used BLS (but not me).

If you ever need a place to come and share stuff, please feel encouraged to come here and say what’s going on. It’s basically what we are here for.

Very best wishes to you. Keep on keeping on!